Taste Testing: Flan

We got the idea to do a taste testing of flan since Everette started buying it at the local markets and our friend Dee was telling us how yummy the Yoplait brand was.  We all have differing tastes and criteria; I figured there were enough of us to make this a fun project (we were missing Ev and Mitch).

Collage FlanEvery different brand there was (4) I purchased.  But I knew they would be full of sugar so I only bought enough for each of us to sample and share.

And the Winner….so far….

was the kind Everette buys at the Monday market in Chapala!  It doesn’t look appealing at all, so it would place last on the Appearance, but its the texture and taste that we like.

flan from the market

flan from the market

Second runner up was the Yoplait that Dee recommended.  And now we’re told how awesome the flan is at Tango restaurant so we’ll have to give that one a try in the future.  I saw its presentation and it gets First Place for appearance; I give it that already.  But we’ll have to do the taste test for ourselves sometime.

For now we buy it on the streets of Chapala, with the charm of eating Mexican street food 🙂

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