Welcome Home, Guys



We enjoy the freedom of going where we want and not having a structure that constantly calls us back to for maintenance and sucks in our money.  This certainly isn’t the life for everybody.  But for us Johnsons and many more families, its the lifestyle we choose for the Here and Now.  Tomorrow may bring something else;  it truly is Life on the Whim.

Anyways, its always worth celebrating when family members  are safely returned to us. And this time around was special and different because my sister (Joanne) and her hubby (Kevin) were actually here to welcome Everette and Mitchell back to Mexico.  Its nice to have the family here enlarged!  Its fantastic to have my only-sister here, indefinitely.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Guys

  1. Welcome home. Is this your first Semanna Santa here? If it is, be sure to check out all the events on the Ajijic Plaza and at the church. Also, don’t plan to drive. And, oh yes, next week is vacation week so the traffic will continue.

    • Dick, we were in Riberas last year for Semana Santa, and previously we were on the Baja camping on the beach. Its been most noisy on the beach on Baja! Crazy noisy, busy and so much littering. Much quieter up here (so far) at Hotel Perico!

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