Home Tomorrow

Everette and Mitchell return to Canada several times a year to keep our specialty detail cleaning business alive and well, and taking care of our major  bills.

British Columbia doesn’t claim ‘Beautiful’ on our license plates for no reason!  Besides the beauty of the forests, Coastal Mountains and the Pacific coast, we have pretty cities, too.  The below pics are of Victoria’s harbour from where Everette and Mitchell embark on the Black Ball Ferry to traverse to Port Angeles, WA to take the leisurely drive down the Olympic Peninsula.

Collage Victoria harbour

In the bottom left photo (above)is the Parliament buildings with the copper (green) roofline.  In the bottom right photo you see the famous Empress Hotel which Everette treated me to a weekend there back in about 2003 when we attended a marriage conference.  Great memories.

Now Everette and Mitchell get the biggest treat of all….a visit at our daughter’s place in Portland, OR where they get to snuggle with our 2 granddaughters…and do yard and house work with those that they love!

Call me Jealous!!

Collage GardenBut at least the men arrive home tomorrow.  Just one more sleep, and I can live with that.  Just wish he could squeeze the 4 Burkes in his suitcase!


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