Fire Fighters Equipment $3M Worth!

3 MILLION Canadian dollars worth of fire fighting gear arrived here at Ajijic-Chapala from the far north.  Organized by firefighters from afar: collected, organized, packaged and shipped.  Received here at Hotel Perico where organizations like The Royal Canadian Legion, The Red Cross & Lake Chapala Shrine Club came to divi it up, to deliver to communities around the lake who need basic equipment like this.Collage Clothes

There are basics missing from each of the local fire departments situated around the lake.  Without appropriate jackets, helmets, even fire hoses and jaws-of-life, men and women commit to helping and protecting their community.  They hop in pick-up trucks armed with fire extinguishers if that’s all they have.

The department might own old fire trucks but engines don’t work or water pumps are out-of-order.  Total disarray in some situations, but the commitment to serve is there.

Fire fighters and Paramedics will be thrilled to have some of this equipment at their stations.  Gas masks/tanks, footwear, insulated pants, jackets, suspenders, even sleeping bags (donated by Coleman).  All of it precious to those who have done without, who make-do.  Canada’s cast-offs put to good use.

Collage Equipment

Supplies have just arrived, but more will be needed in the future.  Maybe you could help?

We met several of the great men (& women) who came to organize & distribute this equipment, and there’s no way I can remember all the stories and organizations we heard about.  But I know John Kelly (left in pic,president of The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #1) could put you in touch with the powers-that-be who help make this sort of thing happen.  If you think you or someone you know could help in a similar manner those around the Lake who are in service to others by donating equipment that is past its use north of the border why not contact John or

Collage Personnel

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