Did You Call Me Goat-head?

Upon our arrival back at Ajijic after 6 months (back to Canada) we got bad news.  A few of our friends had passed away in our absence.  I guess that’s not totally unexpected in a community full of retired and aging expats.

But Fred in particular shocked me.  A ‘foodie’ and restaurant-owner from New Orleans supposedly sat at a friends dinner table with beer in hand and cigarette between lips and….just didn’t respond when spoken to.  When tapped to get his attention, he fell off his chair.  He had just died sitting in place, without a gasp, a pain, a nothin’.  I want to go that way.  Well, not with the beer and smoke, but suddenly and without apparent pain (& with belly content!).

Anyways, I was glad one of my last conversations with Fred had been about places to eat he would recommend.  I wish I had asked for more because he had been spot on with our 28th Wedding Anniversary dinner last year.  And he recommended a great spot when I asked specifically where to get goat meat.

So in memory of Fred we (Everette, Toveli and I….after our long drive along the lake) went to check out the El Chololo for birria.  Succulent goat to gorge on.

Collage Birria

In retrospect, I think I ate some intestine, maybe some liver, but the meal was delicious and I’d definitely recommend it.  We’ll be eating here again sometime, probably on some trip to the airport since it isn’t far from there.  If you time it right, we’ll pick you up at the Guadalajara airport and stop by El Chololo where the parking lot is always full because the goat is that tasty!

When were you coming?



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