Driving the Lake

We went on an excursion (Everette, Toveli and I) intending on viewing a house that a friend at Hotel Perico saw online.  We knew it would be accessible if we went north and caught the highway that would lead east to Morelia, but instead we decided to take The Scenic Route!

It’s important to not have time restrictions when one chooses to make such a decision.


The view was great at times.  This, looking back from whence we came, was possibly the active volcano (hidden behind the cold volcano) near Colima puffing ash, forming this odd grey cloud that continued to grow from one source.

The ‘short cut’ was NO short cut but certainly an adventure….one of those “I survived ________ and lived to tell about it!” adventures.  Truth be told, I would do it again but next time in a Jeep.

Everette had slowed down to peek at the view when we suddenly heard a quick soft Peep! behind us…. a bus full of people heading to only-god-knows-where.  And when the road turned terribly bad, like a dried up river bed but with jagged stones Everette said, “I doubt the bus came this way!” but I doubted that very statement.  We’ve run into buses in the most unlikely places before.  They are tough machines down here!  A bus ride in Latin America is NOT for the faint-of-heart!

The following video gives you a taste of what the road was like, but unfortunately I missed the worst of it.  Think I was holding on instead of filming!!

So we got stuck behind a truck picking up crates of fruit (chayote) along the side of the road, and there was no possibility of passing him so we waited.  Everette conversed with the driver while all his ‘boys’ did the grunt work.

We bumped along the lakeside for about 2hrs total before we found a road up and over the hills.  This is the view as we left the lakeside, entered a sparse pine forest (looked like Ponderosas!!) atop the hills and was met by lovely agricultural land (and an intimidating bull) as we dropped down towards the highway a couple kilometres east of Poncitlán.

Collage Scenery

All told, it was a great day along Lake Chapala.  Just not what we had originally expected.  Best thing to do is….go with the punches & embrace the moments.

3 thoughts on “Driving the Lake

  1. We’ve done exactly that, but we were in our Jeep. All I can say is ¡Viva Mexico! and It’s actually gotten much better since we moved here a little over ten years ago. That is not to say the road up and over the hill is any better, they may not have gotten to it yet. They will. Just give ’em time.

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