Guadalajara: Second Half

As I mentioned earlier, we took a day-trip into Guadalajara with our friends, Dee and Gerry.

More wandering the streets, cathedrals and squares after lunch.  I can’t keep them straight, so I don’t even remember what this cathedral was called.  But we enjoyed the architecture inside and out.  We scouted around, and when Everette went looking to find stairs to what might (not) be an operating balustrade he discovered instead some burial memorabilia underneath the main platform.

Collage church2

Collage burial


Beatriz Hernandez is commemorated here as the person who chose the location for the city’s founding.  The bronze sculptures are done by Rafael Zamarripa.

Collage Statue

The statue on the bottom right (above) is a 4m bronze of Miguel Hidalgo, who on Dec 6, 1810 decreed the abolition of slavery.  He’s holding a broken chain to represent that victory.

It’s amazing to see all the fancy dress stores.  Low-priced flounces galore, Everette thinks we could just use a bunch of green poofy dresses to make a ‘garden’ look green and not worry about watering!  Or possibly use them as shade from the sun?!!

Collage Fashion

We were looking for a place for some cold drinks as we headed in the direction of the bus station but never did find something to satisfy the four of us, so we hopped on the 5pm express bus to Chapala ($50MX/person) where we decided to eek out more parent-time-away to check out a restaurant we’ve been eyeing since our daughter Layne was visiting us.

We climbed the four levels from the street up ‘n out of the way onto the top patio where we sat under huge palm trees beside the water fountain.  We ordered our cold drinks, the others ordered meals;  I just wanted to quench my thirst, so when Everette didn’t like the Vampirito he ordered I volunteered to finish it along with my Pina Colada so he could get a cerveza.  I could have drank 2 more I was so thirsty, but might have struggled a little with the stairs back down to street level.

It was quite perfect just the way it was.Collage dinner drinks

Our day with Dee and Gerry was an absolute delight.  Memories to treasure.

Too many pictures to share even in these two posts.  Gotta hit Guad again!!



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