Guadalajara: Touristas

While Tina took some of our youngsters to the waterpark Tobolandia, Everette and I did the whole tourist thing….the bus, the “Peace” photo sessions, the sampling & indulgence of ethnic foods, tired feet and sweaty bodies, markets and more markets, mariachi bands blaring, searching for cold cerveza.  Art, cathedrals, street performers, seedy streets and moments of confusion.

Wonderful day with great company (other Canadians, to boot!)

Collage Bus

Reminiscent of London, UK and Victoria, BC there were both double-decker red buses and horse-drawn carriages for hire for sightseeing.  But here there are statues peeing!  I don’t recall those in London or Victoria but I might be wrong 😉

Collage  Guad

As is common in all Latin America there are large squares with churches or cathedrals facing onto them.  Guadalajara has numerous squares of which we strolled several and poked our heads in a few of the churches.  This one is San Juan de Dios (y La Santa Cruz), built in 1551 as a chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross but also operated as a hospital.  It was built in the Baroque style, completed around 1750.  The hospital was later removed to accommodate the growth of the city.

Collage Church 1

Collage tequila

Everette spotted this Tequila Tour Bus but we just continued to wander on our weary legs!

We wandered through outdoor and indoor markets such as Mercado San Juan de Dios and Mercado Libertad, peeking at jewelry, passing on “For you, Amigo, good deal today.  Just for YOU!!”  We investigated various food options and some scouted out steamed coffee.  We passed by goat (skulls) lookin’ at us, and octopus curled up, and all sorts of other seafood.  We watched women stirring hot soups or stews, flipping meats and flat breads in vats of boiling oils.  Overwhelmed by the eager vendors trying to convince us to be their patrons, we finally plopped ourselves down at a very busy counter with a great view of the kitchen.  We eeny-meenie-minie-moe’d the menu and picked 2 meals for Everette and I while Gerry and Dee sought out ceviche and other things then returned to join us.

The burritos where stuffed & rolled on the other side of the workstation from us, then the final embellishments of ham, bacon and cheese were added right in front of where we sat and slid into the oven.  And when I ate my Burrito Especial, I sweat up a storm from the spices of the food and the heat from that oven.  But my, was lunch delicious….and filling!!

Everette’s meal was….I don’t know what it was called 🙂 but he wrapped fresh tortillas around ground (beef?) and beans with green onions, cilantro and guacamole.  Collage lunch

Dee treated us to helado (ice cream) bars for dessert.  See Everette’s Oreo: a version of Cookies n Cream.  And mine was like a bowl of strawberries locked in a wall of frozen whipping cream.  Delicious!!

We spotted several windows up high with little girls in costumes, giggling, waving, running away.  Later we saw them near the plaza where they were having their pictures taken with family and friends while the opera man sang and both Ironman and the Smurfs posed for more pictures.

Collage LIVE Art

We popped into a music store to buy a harmonica for Anders. We were surprised to find mandolins (Everette used to play) were about $45 and up, and guitars (half & full-sized) started at about $50.  Violins were about $110+.  Great buys at least for “starter” musicians like the kids!

The ‘keyboard’ below are the stairs going up!

Collage Music

Very very tempting store, that music store is.  I’m sure we’ll visit it again sometime….if we can find it.

Our day was full of more…..I’ll share in another post.  Hold on till tomorrow!



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