From the story we hear….Tina enjoyed the day at the waterpark as much as our youngest three kids did!  She’s just as much a child-at-heart!

Everette and I had headed into Guadalajara with Ontarians for the day so we got the run-down in the evening.  When we thought the kids would have been home for hours, turns out they had only recently returned, having been gone SEVEN & HALF HOURS!  Slightly burned, Yes!  But majorly excited and exhausted….FOR SURE!

Collage waterpark

Supposedly Tina found Laars praying early in the day.  When she asked him “Why?” he said he was afraid that he he was going to die!  A bit scared….but managed to overcome his fears.  When going thru the pictures with him, though, he said the praying didn’t work.  When I questioned him as to why he thought that he replied, “Well, I did get burned, right? ” Yeah, but he didn’t die so I’d think his prayers worked.  No?Collage Treasure

There weren’t many staff nor other customers, so the park opened different slides/areas on rotation which made it exciting and built anticipation.  Because of course, the slide the kids really wanted to go on didn’t open until late afternoon!

Some slides were solely for double-donuts which sounded like lots of fun……even though Laars unwittingly crossed his legs which supposedly is like putting on brakes real hard, and Tina said she went flying, Laars landed on top of her and staff was pulling him up out of the water!  Sounds like fun!Collage Slide

By 8pm the kids were heading to bed: sun burned, water-logged with achey legs (those stairs!) and arms (the tubes) with great satisfaction and abundant love for that Tina!!

 *photos by Tina Leonard

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