Chili Cookoff

I’m loving that our children are no longer ‘Little’ and things are cheaper to do here in Mexico than in Canada.  Therefore, Everette and I are able to do a few activities that we put off for many a year while we were inundated with little people!  Glad we have all these kids, but sure enjoying a new freedom that we are experiencing now that the youngest is 7yo+ and the teens are willing to ‘keep house’ while we are out for hours at a time.  Or like for our Anniversary, away for 26 hrs.

Tina stopped by our suite on Saturday (last weekend, already) asking if the kids wanted to go to the Chili Cookoff with her and some of the others from Hotel Perico.  I didn’t want to bother her with all our kids so ONLY sent FIVE of them!  A Breeze!!!groupie

Sounds like they had a Fab time with Tina there, exploring & getting spoiled by her while she gloried in the sharing of her resources.  We are so fortunate to connect with this lady who LOVES kids and as an eldest child of many is used to having the high energy and constant chatter of youth.  She gets a heart-full while we get a quiet room*.  Win-win.



Collage tasting

They went for the Chili tasting, but there was certainly more than just chili happening…..


Here’s a link to a newspaper article.  Tina, Maret and Gaelyn are in the closest row of dancers in one of the news photos.


One must always be careful when sharks abound though the girls seem to have this one pretty well trained!

Maret and Gaelyn are holding a corn snake, and after the weekend Gaelyn wrote a report about them on her own accord, and tried to convince me that we ought to get one to ‘manage the mice’….that we don’t regularly get.  Nice try, Gaelyn!!

The bird is a Caracara which is the national bird of Mexico.


Collage Animals


Mitchell is used to being surrounded with girls so it was nothing new for him to linger around tables of pretty things, patiently.  Some woman is going to get an incredible husband one day!

The girls all came home with new jewels….including Tina herself.

Collage Jewelry

Everette & I

On Sunday Everette and I headed down to the Chili Cook-off with Dee and Gerry.  The guys sampled and voted on the chili while us ladies got refreshments to cool down their palettes.  We wandered a bit until we found shade with entertainment and other friends to spend the afternoon with.  Predominantly a gringo event, one almost forgot we were smack dab in the middle of Mexico.  I mean, we almost thought Richard Simmons was in our midst!

Collage Pinada

*Well, ours wasn’t actually a quiet room since we kept the young boys with us….and we noisily threw chocolate-covered marshmallows up in the air…or at each other….to try and catch in our mouths.  And we conversed at the terrazza over cold drinks for a while.  It was nice change to have just the 2 boys home with us.

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