Birdie Rescued and Died

The kids tried again.  After last springs commitment to saving a dove ended with a burial, and their experience at Hamilton Hobby Farm and the frequent death of chicks,  the kids were more prepared for the demise of this bird they saved from the teeth of Coco, a resident dog.  But still, burials are sad…it never gets easy.

The kids figured this was an Inca Dove, most likely an adult.  It lasted only a day with us.  There were no visible injuries but its feathers were falling out on its back and belly, probably from Coco toying with it.

The kids had taken it to a secluded area to see if it would fly away but the first attempts it could only flutter about a foot away, they think because it was startled by them.  The second attempt it walked a bit more, but shortly after that they found it drowned in its water dish.  


One thought on “Birdie Rescued and Died

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