Celebrate Beautiful Tina

Collage Poster

Tina has been the greatest addition to our stay here at Hotel Perico after we spent last winter/spring here.  The kids LOVE having her here, and I think our youngest boys may have their first girl-crushes of their lives!

So of course they wanted to participate in celebrating her Birthday, along with the rest of Perico.  They helped decorate & make the poster, and helped consume the Chile-an hot dogs, reminiscent of how Tina’s family made them in her childhood.  They were delicious (compliment from somebody who rarely eats a hot dog!)CollageParty Collage Tina

Miss Congeniality makes sure everybody is comfortable and having a good time.  Everybody is happy to be in her presence.


we wish you a

Happy Birthday with much

Health, Abundance and Prosperity

for many years to come!


One thought on “Celebrate Beautiful Tina

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