Birthday boy was treated to breakfast out with his parents & Grandma S. at Cafe Negro where he stuffed himself with a Mexican burrito.  It’s a treat not to have to fight to be heard, or to get a whole plate food of yummy and not risk losing it.

We took him shopping for some new clothes, a pair of swim shorts and pizza for his Birthday meal.  After eating pizza on the terraza, he wasn’t given any time to put on his swim shorts his Dad and big brother…..

Collage A & ERJ

Escorted him off the terraza backwards and into the refreshing pool!

After a swim we had our friends join us for making Sundaes which seemed like a BIG hit.  International friends, from New Zealand, USA, Canada and United Kingdom….and of course, Mexican friends.

Collage guests

When the day was done Anders declared, “This is the BEST Birthday I’ve ever had!”

 Happy Ninth Birthday, Anders!

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