Katherine’s Early Birthday

Katherine and her family live in Guanajuato which is about a four hour drive from us here at Chapala.  We (6 of the kids and I) met the Sampsons here at Hotel Perico last February.  The children were taken with 1yo Katherine and she was attracted especially to our younger kids.  All the kids loved the attention David (dad) gave, and his willingness to teach them how to play soccer/futbol.

Last year Anders’ #1 attraction in Mexico was to go see the Pyramids of the Sun/Moon near Mexico City but we have yet to go that far east.  This year he said the thing he wanted most in Mexico was to come back to Hotel Perico, and what he wanted for his birthday (which is only a few days from now) was for David Sampson to come for his birthday!  Well, when I told David that he immediately said, “Maybe we can make that happen!” Although the dates haven’t worked out exactly, Sampsons came early to Hotel Perico for Birthday season and for David to play soccer/futbol with the kids.

It turned out that it is Katherine’s birthday this month also, and so her Grandma came from the USA to celebrate along with all of us this beautiful little girls second birthday!

Collage Katherine

Happy 2nd Birthday, Katherine!!

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