Lime-ade Stand

Hotel Perico was holding a 2-day Bazaar (like a ‘garage sale’….in the not-currently-Restaurant) and Gaelyn decided to make a Lemonade Stand.  However, mama here (that would be ME!!) suggested it could maybe be a LIMEade Stand since limes are way more prevalent and thus cheaper in this part of Mexico and so that’s how we got to this:

Collage Limeade

Gaelyn did most of the organizing, she made the sign and all the recipes.  She shopped & paid for the supplies….and let Toveli and Susie ‘man’ the table and collect/share the funds.

I hear there’s going to be another Bazaar next Saturday.  I wonder what the entrepreneur’s ideas will be for that one?

Here’s the recipes for two of the Specialty Limeades.  The third was just a regular.  My favourite was the Lavender (but I would cut back on the sweetener).

Collage recipe


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