Roses are Red

He’s such a Good Man; unfortunately one I don’t appreciate as much as I ought.  That kind-hearted, hard-working, sacrificial man who puts me well ahead of anything else in his life.  Any woman would be thrilled to have a man who treats her like a treasured Queen.  However, one often doesn’t fully appreciate that which is right in front of them.  Look, there’s green grass over there!

Sometimes certain events stop us in our tracks and remind us to take note.  Special days on the calendar, a near-catastrophe, somebody else’s loss.  Reminders.

Well, this week there’s all that red and hearts and chocolates galore at this time of year.  Back 29+ years when I had chosen red for our wedding colour and I was anxious to become Mrs Johnson we joked about how Everette could walk into any store in early February and have obvious reminders of our Anniversary if we got married in that month.  He would have no excuse to forget.  Not only did we choose the month of February but that cupid-date of the 14th, too.  A Friday night it was.

Next time/life/marriage…..NOPE.  Same guy, but don’t bother getting married on the 14th.  We can NEVER plan anything impromptu if it involves a nice restaurant or hotel/BnB.  Taken.

Anyways, I got the great man, and that’s really all that matters.  And this year he booked something for the 13th so we could wake up on our Anniversary alone….that in itself is a treat for the parents of a large brood.  Smart man, I told you!

Collage Tango

Early dinner out at a consistently busy restaurant that came highly recommended: Tango.  Food was yummy, the bill way less than a similar meal out in Canada: Everette had a tender Kite Steak Salad and a beer while I had Fettuccine with 4 Cheese sauce and Pina Colada.  Total was $242 MX.  About $20 Cdn.  Delicious.

We strolled the streets of Ajijic so he could treat me to Mostly Chocolate (that he discovered when Layne was here,) but before we got there we stumbled upon ZenSeed where we snooped for tinctures and came out with a lavender candle instead. Collage Fudge

Beside Mostly Chocolate Ajijic (MCA) we happily chatted up a storm with Dick Stromberg who was displaying his handmade jewelry next door. He delighted in telling us of the procedures he used in creating his fine pieces, of what metals and stones he used, where stones/jewels originated from or how to tell when something had reached the right temperature for his particular purposes.  He reminisced of being 6 and his mother teaching him embroidery, and then other hand crafts.  This talented man became a conductor in his adult years, and now he’s back creating art for the eyes.  Seems totally happy with his crafts.

Collage Goodies


After stuffing ourselves and getting a stash of fudge (take note, Lisa O) he whisked me away to a surprise spot for the night.  Oh-la-lah….yes, the artistic Mar Chapalico.  We stayed here with 7 of the kids last year and were amazed at the artistic surprises Hugo had pre-planned in his architecture. We enjoyed it again, only this time, BETTER!!

Collage mar Chapalico

Wise man chose a different room, one to be all our own for memories…..and no stairs up to the patio if that champagne made us a bit tipsy.  Collage hotel

Morning brought breakfast at the Sunrise (is that what it’s called, Judy P? Yeah, you!!) where my meal was tasty but far too big for me to consume. The coffee was less desirable so we headed over to Black Cafe and Gallery to sit, sip, and surf (yes, on a romantic getaway we were checking our business and both too excited about it not to peek and plan!)

Collage coffee shop

That horse was just outside the coffee shop.  Just thought “this is SOOOO Mexico!” I had to take a photo.

We’ve wanted to explore Chapala more, so that’s what we did alone.  We found the market stalls down by the lake and wandered the strip until the end where we found a bunch of restaurants, spent some time people-watching, then headed back to the malecon and the pier.

Collage market

Collage water


Then we walked up the main street almost up to Sorianas while Chinese food weighed heavier and heavier on Everette’s mind.  By the time we were back down near the lake his yearnings won over.  While we waited for the 2 pizzas we ordered for the kiddos, I sat and watched my partner savour his Asian food once again.  I was still full from my burrito breakfast!  I was amazed he could down that plateful!!!

Our 24 hours away was……well, I think we need to do this more often, hun.  With a little more sleep!!


5 thoughts on “Roses are Red

  1. Yes, it was Sunrise. Good food but the coffee sucks, especially when you’re spoiled by the tastier coffee you can find at most places!

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