Raw and Cooked

We took Layne to just everyday kind of places.  Markets, coffee shops, new and old restaurants, strolls down cobblestone streets where you walk cautiously in case of dog poops, construction debris and uneven sidewalks.

We want her to picture the kind of things we do, the places we go, so when she’s back in Canada she can imagine more vividly the places and stories we describe.  Some are very gringo and some are not.

We’ve tried out about 4 different butcher shops, all pretty similar to this carniceria but this has become our favourite (thank you, Judy & John) in Chapala.  I sometimes cringe when I think of the (lack of) cleanliness in some of these places, but this is their way, their standard.  I can stress myself out over the lower standards and apparent lack of Food Safety or hope for the best.  I’m hopeful!  So far, so good!!Collage Carniceria

Vacationers are always warned not to eat roadside foods.  But for long-term travellers and nomads many of us throw that caution to the wind, make our own judgement according to our own comfort levels, and savour the flavours that waft thru the air calling our names.

This is our favourite place to purchase roasted chicken (pollo) the next block over from Walmart.  A few times a week we leave the main road and follow the smoke down the bank to this roadside stand where the men are always anxious to chop that creature up for us and throw it in a bag for us.  Salivary glands work overtime on our short drive home where we pull that thing apart, stuffing it inside lettuce leaves with a drizzle of salad dressing and pop morsels in our mouths.Collage Pollo



2 thoughts on “Raw and Cooked

  1. Like your blogs. A happy Anniversary the 14th to you both. Love you. So sorry I was unable to come down at this time. Love you all. Coloured hair and all. It is nice to be different once in awhile. Gramma J

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