Gaelyn’s Hall of Fame

Gaelyn was far more hyper about her Golden Birthday last year and bounced around like Tigger himself.   This year she just wanted to play soccer with David Sampson and others.  David has sparked a love for soccer/futbol in this girl, making them both extremely happy! So cake and soccer was it for the scheduled birthday event down in the terraza.  When we sang in both English and Spansih she cuddled Coco and hid from view!!  Silly girl.  Then look at that scowl, ashamed at how low the flame was or something, I’m not quite sure.  At least she got more pleasure out of the cake itself!!  And when she blew out the candle I heard Mark say in the background, “Did she kiss the angel’s butt?”  Ah, they’ve caught on to the Johnson tradition (thanks to Seth-er!)Collage Cake To burn some sugar off the kids and David hit the soccer field. Collage Soccer People returned to the terraza with beet red faces, sweat-glimmering foreheads, and happy hearts.  Gaelyn was in her glory!  Then Anders happily shared the project he had worked diligently on all day….robotics that said, “Hello” then waved, said “Hope you have a good day” and moved to pick up a stack of legos.  Proud little brother. Collage Gifts And then we were off to Reception to watch a video Maret and other siblings managed to conceptualize/execute/edit in less than 24 hours.  Great job, kids!!

Hall of Fame video

Disclaimer: Gaelyn says she wasn’t ashamed or disturbed by the pathetic candle flame…..she was realizing that she was officially a ‘Tween’.

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