Chapala, Mexico

Last April we were staying in some apartments for just a few weeks before we were heading back to Canada somewhat unexpectedly.  I made an early morning drive to the airport to retrieve Everette and Mitchell and it was then I realized there was tons of energy in this little town.  Early in the morning, >an hour before sunrise the town is a flitter with street-sweepers, and city workers scooping piles of debris, and shop owners, and so many more catching buses.  Its a town always in motion, or so it appears to me.

We really need to explore it more, Everette and I do!!

So we made a point to while Layner was here.  And this is a bit of what we found in our exploration (besides the coffee shop and Everardo)

Collage Chapala

Chapala is situated on the lake that bears its name.  Laguna de Chapala, Mexico’s largest freshwater lake by surface area but certainly not all that deep, the water level fluctuates greatly affected by the rainy season.  Town has put in a nice malecon to stroll, and a lovely park for grabbing some shade at the end of the main road and beside the lake.  The red building is a restaurant maybe we’ll checkout this year….like me its turning 50!

Collage Iglesia

We peeked into the Inglesia (church) to snoop around, got the closest I’ll probably ever get to a Pope, and surprisingly found the Stairway to Heaven in the hallway as we snuck out the back way (see pic below)

Collage Layne Chapala

I realize we’re in Mexico, we ought to be eating Mexican cuisine, but when one sees a buffet of tempting food and you’re married to my sweetheart who’s always got a hankering for Chinese, well even when we aren’t ravenous we take a break for our first Chinese food (I think) in Mexico.  And other than the ‘chow mein’ really being spaghetti with cabbage, etc the rest of the food was quite scrumptious!  I’m sure we’ll find our way back there again sometime.  Especially since we’re determined to start spending more time in Chapala.

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