Our (little) eldest daughter enjoys being a barista back in British Columbia but unfortunately at her (young) age she’s had to opt for decaf.  With all things considered, she’s feeling better for some changes in her life, so decaf it is.

Everette and I have our favourite cafe haunts, each for different reasons.  Cafe Grano in Ajijic tops the list for the cafe itself…..and we enjoy when they have thick stiff cheesecake for our sweet tooth.  So when Everette took Layne and some of the other kids to town square to meander around it wasn’t surprising that he sent pics from their stop at Cafe Grano…where they ran into the Sampson family.

Collage Cafe Grano

We’ve been meaning to find a good cafe shop in Chapala, a town both Everette and tend to favour but for some reason we don’t mull around there enough.  So we took the opportunity to do so while Layne was here.  We walked the malecon, explored the lakeshore, ducked in and out of shops.  We found a little coffee shop with a lot of gringos and decided to try it out.

Totally shocked to discover the owner is the first Spanish Everett(e) we’ve ever met.  Here is my Everette with Everardo….who has a daughter named Karen.  He seemed absolutely pleased to have met us, and although we forget what the word was he had a name for “the meeting of people with the same name”.  Layne took the photo, and using NomadicCards Everette’s sending Everardo a personalized greeting card with the photo.

Collage Chapala coffee shop


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