Ajijic Market

The day Layne arrived was the only day during her stay that we could visit a local market so after a short snooze (she had flown a red-eye) we headed off to the cobble-stoned street flanked by tables crowded with wares.  So much candy for the eyes.

I bought myself a birthday gift of silver earrings to replace my hoops I sadly lost while visiting with my mom  in November.  Layne googley-eyed stones, fabrics and sweets.  We talked with ‘shop’ owners: we discovered we ‘met’ this guy painting spoons at Todos Santos on the Baja 2 years ago!  This day he painted us Lands End from Los Cabos!  But we didn’t buy 😦

Collage spoon


Collage Market

We buy the bulk of our produce from the Chapala market and some from the organic market in west Ajijic but this market is where we pick up a few odds n’ ends and appreciate more the crafts.  We’ve bought blown glass, kitchen gadgets, leather wallets, & jewelry from here.  Its always great to get a treat and a good price 😉 and know that its providing an income for the locals.


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