Missing in Action: Radioactive

Collage tongue

We’ve had kids MIA.  Some of these are purported to be adults but they stick their Johnson tongues out like they are children.  Whose kids are these, anyways?

Rauchelle said her Goodbyes/See Ya Later to Mitchell, Maret and Everette and they joined us in Mexico in time for my 50th Birthday.  But first we had to celebrate Maret’s from the previous week (middle of our birthday season).  We only had to wait 13 hours and Layne joined us from Canada & then we jumped into celebrating with cake.  (Sure missing baked cheesecake!!  Just sayin’.)

2015-02-03 16.09.25

Kids were SO excited to have M&M’s back with us, the drive back from the airport was nothing short of LOUD!!  Happy the kids delight in their siblings though Everette and I had to postpone conversation for later in the day because we couldn’t hear each other.  I’m sure there will come a day when our nest is empty and we’ll be reminiscing about times like these.  Or so we’ve been told.

The kids have been making music videos with their friend Emma for several of the kids’ birthdays, and I’d love to share a video (or 2) with you but we aren’t in possession of any.  Maybe in the future; for now I’ve added photos of the video up on the television!!  Sung to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.2015-02-04 15.39.43

They are hilarious and at the same time well done.  We are all proud of our t(w)eens creativity, perseverance and team-work even thru the trials & fits.  They have done a great job on each of the videos bringing much cheer to the birthday parties.Collage Radioactive

In the (above) top left picture it looks like the presence of ghosts!  And as you can see, Mark is cracking up with laughter.  Gaelyn managed to pull off both a Moonwalk and The Worm (not pictured); and she looks like she’s the Statue of Liberty rather than a sign of Victory!

Collage cakeGlad to have the Sampson family join us for the February-part of party season here at Hotel Perico, and a delight to have RambleCrunch as our long-term neighbours.

Let the Parties Roll!!


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