Grand Finale Goodbyes

They’ve been together almost since October 1st.  Well, some of them have, actually.

Maret for example.  Our 14yo arrived with the rest of our gang on Seth’s birthday and she stuck around for Elita’s birth and to serve her sister ‘n family as an au pair ever since.   From what I hear, its been a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved.  I look forward to hearing of the relationship, and seeing, I’m sure, a maturing in that now-15 year old.

Collage Burkes

Mitchell’s done a bit of here ‘n there since he decided he didn’t like the heat of Mexico.  Very much like his parents he’s done a bit of Life on the Whim and flittered between OR and BC a couple of times since October, helping his dad out in business on the Island, and building cabinets and hanging out with the Burkes.

Tonight they walked to the food carts for one final splurge of Eats before…..

Tomorrow,  Everette tears Mitch and Maret away from their beloved Burkes and the three of them are arriving in Mexico to a parade of anxious arms ready to embrace!

My, we’ve missed those M&M’s.

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