Maret Reached Her Favourite Number

Golden Birthdays* and Favourite Number birthdays are both gone for me (5 and 11, respectively) but Maret has just started.

Today, the 28th she’s celebrating her favourite number, FIFTEEN!  Yup, our exact-middle-child  (5th of 9) has reached one of her milestones.  Her Golden Birthday is a long ways off.  It’s a good thing she celebrated it yesterday with a climbing-workout because today the Portland crew aren’t feeling so great. No more celebrating for them.  It seems its their turn to feel under the weather this winter.

Collage  Maret

I miss my kids.  Sure, I have five with me and that’s more than most people ever had.  But when you’re part of a big family you know that even just one person missing seems to leave a big gap and we look around the room wondering “Where is everybody?” or “Is this all there is?”  Missing four of our kids….big gaping hole.

Maret is away for only 6 more sleeps, still being au pair for her married sister.  This is the longest she’s ever been away from home but I know the situation has been beneficial for all parties, and it will be a sad See Ya Later next week when she has to unwrap her arms from those 2 little nieces.  Or Marin’s arms from her.


*turning the age of the numeral date you were born on, ie I was born on the 5th of the month so my Golden Birthday was when I was 5….and I knew nothing about what a Golden Birthday was…I doubt it was even named at that point!

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