Puppy Gone

Found outside of a gringo-style grocery store in Ajijic, Tina has been taking care of this little girl we named Marisol.  Did you see her sweet little golden bows on her ears in the upper right hand photo?  That’s how she was found, with bows glued on.  She was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health.  She obviously was just not wanted forever….Yet.

Collage Marisol

While Tina was busy doing her Wrong Turn at Lungfish live theatre the kids were puppy-sitting every night or afternoons during matinees so Marisol wasn’t alone.  So they were somewhat disappointed that she found her Forever Home on  Sunday.  She will be missed, that sweet little bundle of puppy-love.  Even I cuddled that girl!!

5 thoughts on “Puppy Gone

  1. On our way back to The States we stopped at an empty campground,at a village named Santo Tomas,an hour south of Ensenada. A little stray dog befriended us,and we fell in love,but without spending several days in Mexico sorting through all the shots and papers,we could not get her back to Cortez. So sadly we left her to her fate. She was well fed, and healthy,so perhaps she did have an owner. We are heading for Cortez,with the idea that we will fly to Norway in late Feb. or Mar. To XC ski with our son and GKs . We have air miles from the expenses of building the house. Hope this finds you all well in old Mexico, Tim and Ann Cortez, Colorado 81321


    • And what would you have done with her when you go to Norway, eh? Yes, sometimes I think the ‘rescue’ dogs are mistakenly taken from good homes, in gringos eagerness to get them taken care of.

      Trust you have safe travels back home and onward to the grandkids. Enjoy the cold!!

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