Butter in Your Coffee?

It so happens when the kids get into a craze of putting cream on their frozen strawberries…..I often find myself absent of cream for my morning coffee.  Nice that Donaji brought raw milk over yesterday.  Its been so creamy it needs to be put into a blender before we can drink it, or its like chunks of cold butter floating like icebergs on the surface of our glass.  Not very palatable for us.

So this morning with the lack of cream I thought I’d use the raw milk…..and why not just scoop out the buttery stuff and add it to my coffee?

I remember hearing about people adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil to their morning coffee and purporting it to be healthy.  Not sure about that, but the butter was palatable in my coffee, anyways.  Tomorrow I’ll try again but I’ll put it in the blender to supposedly make it creamier (rather than oily).Collage raw milk

Why Do It?

Why Not!



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