Wrong Turn @ Lungfish

Living here at Perico Hotel we’ve met such wonderful people, building a bit of a community like in a neighbourhood.  Sure, its a hotel (motel, really) where people are transient for the most part.  But its becoming more common for people to stay here for longer periods of time.  Some are pretty darn permanent!

We love management who interact in a friendly manner but always have business about.  Tom has his eyes on near-everything without being creepy about it, ya know?  He wants to make sure everything is fine with us, always willing to give a helping hand whether its a need for a trip to the airport, something picked up at Walmart, or ice cream supplied for birthday cake!

One of his lovely daughters came during our hiatus last summer to help Tom and Jan manage the place.  Fluent in both Spanish and English Tina is a hit with all the kids here, bubbly and sociable.  She’s the eldest of her siblings and says she misses the constant drone of noise offered up by gaggles of children.  She appears to enjoy the hub-bub of the kids being in her presence, sharing movies and TV shows together, helping decorate for celebrations, interacting with her dogs and helping her out with small projects.  She pays Laars 1 peso for every beer cap he cleans up from the grounds….keeps him in treats from the office, particularly after a Mexican party takes place here.  Laars loves Tina.

Tina has experience in media and has helped the kids with cinematography.  Currently she is the leading lady in a live theatre here in town.  Turn Left at Lungfish. (Tom and Tina in pic below)

Collage Wrong Turn

“A blind, dying intellectual meets a sassy, streetwise young woman when she comes to read to him in the hospital. This unlikely combination brings us laughter, a few tears, and a heartwarming evening of entertainment.”

Adult content obviously geared towards the overwhelming English retiree expat community of Chapala and Ajijic it wasn’t a show to take our family to.  Besides, the cost (225MX) is a bit prohibitive for us when multiplied by 6 or 7.  Anyways, Everette had just left town and I was given a complimentary ticket to the final dress-rehearsal open to family and friends. I got all dolled up to go to an all-adult evening out!  Awkward…..in a nice way.  I realize I’ve been in Mommy-mode f-a-r too long.

We were carpooling to town but just before leaving the grounds we realized Jimmy wasn’t able to go (he had a music gig) so there was a spare ticket.  Last minute we circled around past our suite, Daniel called out to Danaka and instructed her to ‘get in the van’ and I yelled out to Toveli that she was now In Charge!  We were off, with little time to spare.

What a beautiful little theatre! (Seats 112) I was very impressed with the aura, the architecture, the decor.  Simply elegant….a little piece of classy art tucked off an end-street in Ajijic.  Impressive!

A great vintage: the theatre was founded in 1965 and thus, like moi, is turning 50 this year.

We laughed, nearly cried and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Tina (and others, of course) did a fantastic job and soooo suited the role of Anita Merendino, with NYC accent and attitude.  Bravo!!

As I publish this, there are only 2 more shows left after tonight.  All sold out.

Standing ovations….I think people are really enjoying the show.  I know Danaka and I did!

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