What Happens When You Crash an All-Girls Party

Everette had his birthday yesterday; turned out he shares the date with Josephina who is a year younger than him.   Josephina lives here in a casita, where she fine-tunes her English while her dh Jack doesn’t have to speak a stitch of Spanish!  It seems to be working for them.

I was home sick in bed…..so I sent the camera for somebody to take pictures but…. it came back exactly the way it went.  Empty.

I awoke from a nap to the sound of singers bellowing “Happy Birthday” and Anders came in shortly after to see if I was wanting a piece of cake saved and that’s when I put my order in for a glass of champagne.  A few minutes later my thoughtful 8yos brought over treats for me and plopped himself on my bedroom floor “so you don’t have to be alone.”

Everette was gone the entire evening, though the party I believe was short lived.  Danaka found him down at Linda’s having quite the discussion with her and Jimmy about religion and the Bible specifically.  I think the Birthday Boy fashioned his day into something he enjoyed.

Lacking in Birthday pictures I do have smashingly adorable videos Laars might one day despise.  Actually, I don’t think he will.  His silly character will always be able to chuckle at these…….what happens when you’re a boy and you crash an all-girls party….

and learning a new skill…..

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