Danaka Dudette Turns 18

The age of Adulthood?  I’m not sure, but a milestone of some sort anyways.

And unlike last year, she wasn’t sick on her own birthday, hiding away on a back bench as we traveled from Corrales to Michoacan state.  This year we are settled in, developing a community of friends and ready to party!

We were hoping A Little Moxie was going to join us, but they kindly left us some chilled Champagne that Everette toasted our beautiful daughter with.  Thanks, Meriah.

Collage toastsLunch was shared with invited guests (& like in Biblical stories Everette went out into the byways and invited all that he could find, so we had people come we’d never met before!)

Collage party

What’s a party without a cake?  NOTHING.  So we got a beautiful Tres Leche (3 milks) cake, moist and scrumptious to share with everybody.

Collage cakeTeen girls invited us for a Showing of their music video created in honour of the Birthday Girl.  What a hoot we had…particularly when it got to the Bloopers!!  Tears were seen running down faces from the hilarity of it all.  Priceless!

Thanks for all the acting/editing/producing, RambleCrunch.  You all Rock! (or is that Roar?)





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