Feliz Navidad

We woke up here in Mexico with a White Christmas……well, the sky was completely white with clouds, at least!  It actually rained (spit) this morning. which is required so that we can enjoy these:

Collage FlowersAlthough we as a family haven’t done gift-giving and such for the past 13 years, the kids wanted to participate with some other kids here in stuffing stockings and giving gifts so they’ve been busy for the past month shopping and creating gifts with their friends in mind.

Collage Kids



Collage Santa dog

Everette shared his Sewing Needle pantomime which makes people cringe, thinking of him shoving a needle through parts of his hand…..but then it leaves them laughing when he’s slapping his own face.  Many of you have watched him perform this before, so he entertained a new crowd this morning.

Collage Sundaes

Leave it to kids to pick a menu and it turns into Sundae-making!

Collage Laars

Thank You, Tina, for orchestrating this for the kids.  I think they all had a hoot, and the adults were happy to see the children having a good time.  Now to burn some of that sugar off……..

Collage penny whistleFeliz Navidad y una gran felicidad y la prosperidad en el Año Nuevo. 


2 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad

    • One of his stocking stuffers was vampire teeth!! I thought in this pic his eyes were near-solid black he looked like a demon from Supernatural (TV show). My sweet little boy!!

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