Doggie Party

Cocoa (#2….a popular name for a dog, I suppose)

Cocoa (#2….a popular name for a dog, I suppose)

Lots of dogs here in Mexico are Rescue Dogs.  Cute cuddly creatures that turn out to be more bother than expected so they are left out on the streets to scavenge, beg, and create packs.  Litters are perpetual unless people step in.

We’ve met plenty of expats that step in, besides Gudrun who cares for 80+ dogs at the Rescue where Gaelyn is back volunteering.  Gudrun also has about 18 dogs (and some birds, too) at her own residence.  Some people LOVE their pets. 

Kudos to those that do.

Here at Perico we are surrounded with dogs and their owners.  Cats (& owners) hit the road a few months ago!!

In spite of seeing dogs wandering the premises all the time (note: the grounds are kept clean) I was surprised when on Saturday afternoon I walked into the Reception Hall to find…..a Doggie Party happening!

I had got wind of it, the kids helping prepare;  talking about biscuit recipes and treats.  But I just didn’t realize it would look like…..a real party!!  A third of attendants were the children, a third of the attendants were dogs, and a third were the adult owners.  All watching the movie “Under Dog” while snacking on munchies.

Collage DoggieAll in celebration, actually, of Emmy being rescued 3 years ago by Tina.  They are the two in the upper right corner of the collage.

‘Twas a First for many of us!!

One thought on “Doggie Party

  1. We spent 2 days driving through the Navaho and Hopi Indian reservations going in and out of Monument Valley and all the seemingly uncared for dogs were very upsetting.

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