Chapala Market and Our Haul

Our biggest expense in Canada is our grocery bill.  It costs a bit more than our housing (excluding electricity, garbage, water, gas)

In Mexico our biggest expense is…..still our grocery bill, still a bit more than our housing (including electricity, garbage, water & gas).  Groceries are easily 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of feeding our family in Canada.  Prices have gone up throughout North America.Collage market

There are several markets to visit during the week around Chapala/Ajijic but unfortunately they fall one after the other on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  Wish they were more spread out!

Mondays we visit the tiengas in Chapala for the bulk of our produce.  You can find piles of clothes, shoes, CD/movies, kitchen gadgets, fresh fish and meat, puppies & *exotic birds, baked goods, tacos, blown glass and lots of jewelry.

This stack of pina….they cost 10 pesos each.  A bit on the small side but we want pina this week.  So I ask the guy to pick out some good ones for us.  Four is what I want.  He spanks them like it was a baby, looking for what, I’m not sure.  He easily just twists the tops off lickety-split.


When we go to market we usually buy a treat.  Sometimes it becomes lunch we take home to the gang that didn’t come.  Sometimes its a treat we keep to ourselves.  Yesterday, Gaelyn and I bought our treats from the guy who sells food out of a wheelbarrow!!  Your choice….. candied yams or squash.  We pick yams, and Gaelyn and I eat our treat before we head back to the rest of the gang….so we don’t have to share 🙂

This is the haul Gaelyn and I brought home yesterday.


produce 165 pesos = $13.35

1 bag candied yams (approx 6 small yams) 10 pesos = $0.81

* exotic: from what is local and common.  We’ve seen American robins being sold, and blue jays.

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