Thanksgiving: Everette’s Planned it all Wrong This Year, Poor Guy

And Everette’s one of the things/people we are the most Thankful for, and him and I have been apart for both Canadian and US Thanksgiving this year.  That sucks!

Everette and the kids were in Colorado I think when it was Canadian Thanksgiving and didn’t do anything particular to celebrate it.  Mitchell, Maret and I were still at Rauchelle’s where we pigged out (over several days) on pumpkin pudding, pumpkin lattes and smoothies.

This week Everette was in Canada with no invites to celebrate a US Thanksgiving (Emma made a placecard for you, dear!), but the kids and I are at Hotel Perico in Mexico with a bunch of expats (Cdn, USA & Australian) who shared a delightful evening of food, drinks, dancing and live music.

Collage bar (1)

The children busied themselves from noon onwards helping prepare food for the potluck, set and decorate the tables.  Anders learned to light matches and candles for the first time.  And when six o’clock arrived our kids were washed and cleaned, donned fancy bowler hats and excited for the celebrations!!

We already were acquainted with a few of the attendants…others we met at the bar or at our arranged seating.  Some Spanish-only, some English-only, all of us out for a friendly good time.

Tina was our hostess making introductions for live music, she was the bar-wench, and the instigator of fun-on-the-dance-floor.  I think she’s the kids New Hero!

Collage Table

The music was great.  Various genres; some impromptu songs by request.  The atmosphere was Feastive!  The children all danced, and some of the adults….though I think Mark D’A was the only male dancer…..and he’s hilarious to watch.

We need to book dance lessons for our family with Tina, I think.


Collage Dancing

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Everette’s Planned it all Wrong This Year, Poor Guy

    • You are SO RIGHT, Pat. We were at Perico from Jan-April earlier this year. Back again, cuz it was top of Anders’ list to come visit, and good place for us to hang out while Ev’s not here. Pool is cool, but Laars braves it nearly every afternoon…..few others do!

      We are only 30 mins from Guadalajara airport which makes it good for Ev’s travel, and our dd Layne & boyfriend plus my eldest bro are hoping to come down for my 50th so we’ll stay so we can easily facilitate that.

      Staying put has some real advantages 🙂

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