Tequila in the Passing

Neither Everette nor I are big alcohol drinkers.  Admittedly, we drink more down here in Mexico where it’s hotter and we often share a drink with friends in the evening; far more social, in that aspect.  Many of our first-time drinks have been done down here.  Like Cami just introduced me to Gin & Tonic when we were at Alamos….way less sugar than in the Coolers I like!

Hahn and Laura & Mike and Jeanne taught us how to drink tequila while we were at Agua Caliente on the Baja our first winter.  Not a hit for either of us, we have yet to find a tequila we like (we rarely like the same drinks, ever).   Occasionally we buy a new tequila to try and then end up giving it away to somebody else.

Well, I think we might have to give Tequila another try or two.

Just to be fair, since we are in Tequila country!  The state of Jalisco (Huh-LEES-koh) is the only state in its entirety that legally can produce tequila.  Mexican law states that limited regions of the states of  Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas can also produce the product.

A Drive-By Shooting :)

A Drive-By Shooting 🙂

On our day’s drive between Celestino Gasca on the coast and Chapala in the mountains we drove right past the town of Tequila.  Agave plants cover the surrounding hills in neat rows.   We’ll have to make a trip back sometime.


4 thoughts on “Tequila in the Passing

  1. Gin & tonic was my one of my faves years ago, and while I’m not a fan of straight tequila I do still enjoy a good margarita on the rocks every now and then 🙂

  2. If you like gin & tonic you’ll LOVE tequila & tonic (with a twist of lime). It is amazingly crisp and refreshing. I prefer white tequila this way but any tequila is better than none!

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