Tucked Away at Celestino Gasca

A Juggling Act.  Our final-for-now destination wouldn’t be ready to receive us until a certain date, so we were trying to schedule our time accordingly.  We spent extra time at Alamos to enjoy our friends music day which was a good choice. But now we needed to get to Chapala asap because Everette needed to catch a flight in 4 days from Guadalajara.

We knew there were large stretches of coast that we did not want to camp at since I didn’t cope well there near the estuaries.  Been There Done That.  So we were going to put in 2 long days to make it from Alamos to Chapala.  Nothing too drastic; 6 & 7 hour driving days…but that always turns out to be something like 10+ hr days when traveling with kids who cope better with some longer & more frequent breaks.

We checked out Ceuta as we were told there was a nice beach there (true), but we felt too exposed and there were hundreds of people mulling around and frolicking in the water, so we headed to Celestino Gasca just 10 km further down the highway.

We parked at the far end last year where Everette had to wiggle the van into place.  This time, I spotted a narrow drive through one of the empty fenced lots. We found a passage way over crusty-mud knolls and brushed through tall vegetation to discover an opening to the view and plenty of space to pitch our tents.

Home for the night.  DSCF0002

We pulled out our chairs & drinks to watch the sun set before setting up camp and making supper.  Toveli’s becoming much more comfortable with food preparation now that Mitchell and Maret aren’t with us.  Each of them have had to pick up some slack…..that’s been good for all of us.

We felt nicely tucked away in this spot.  I think nobody knew we were here for the night, but one is never quite sure.


View OF our Kitchen:DSCF0001

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