We started our day off slowly, waiting for the sun to dry our tents out somewhat before packing them up. We stopped at Baracudas Bob’s café for internet and a treat, and Everette always enjoys listening to the sailor’s stories. Gaelyn, Laars and I watched a boat being loaded to go to dry dock, and some of us snuck in a quick ‘n cold shower.

Another quick trip to the store for snacks (large families always need more food, or so the kids think) for the afternoon drive and as we were about to pull a U-turn to head out of town, a van stops us, out jumps a lady and she says “Are you that big travelling family that was here last year?!!” We haven’t been in Mexico even 24 hours yet and people recognize us from before. How funny! Even though Reggie looks different he’s still very noticeable…..Thanks, Lynne, for giving us a good chuckle!

This trip down the coast included a stop at Alamos, up in the mountains behind Navajoa. We came thru with heavy rains last December which had us running south. This time, however, we scheduled it in after I met Cami online thru the Trusted House Sitters site.   She invited us to tent in her backyard.

We spent Saturday morning strolling thru town, and Sunday morning at the tiengas.

Collage Alamos town

Squire and Cami were welcoming, informative, and generous. And we timed it right to be able to participate in their afternoon of music on Sunday.  Food was tasty, the drinks satisfying, and the conversation informative and jovial.  Quite delightful, old folk songs we didn’t know, and an occasional Bob Dylan.  Gaelyn was gutsy that day and tried out several percussion instruments (thanks Linda for sharing your bass with her) and even sang Canada’s Really Big as her first solo ever!!

Collage Music



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