Reggie’s NOT a Bus: Going Into Mexico Again

Travel is easier when you already know where your destination is. We already knew where our big day of crossing the international border would finally find us…..San Carlos.

Getting our temporary importation permit for our van was a slight hiccup again this year, though for a different reason. Last year it was because our paperwork claimed it’s status as Rebuilt *

Our most recent insurance paper still has Rebuilt on it but that didn’t seem to be a problem. It was that it now said it was a Bus instead of a Van!! Something that we had never noticed.

We dealt with the same young lady that I had last year who was hesitant to let me bring the ‘rebuilt’ into the country until I said “I wouldn’t be driving an unreliable vehicle with 7 children!” This time, she followed Everette out into the parking lot to discover that our vehicle was just a normal van, nothing near a bus as implied. So her and the man at the Banjercito (bank) discussed how to process our paperwork thru, we paid our fees and we were off. hour and a half and Mexico welcomes us!

Drive thru Sonora State

Drive thru Sonora State

The sun was nearly setting when we pulled into San Carlos. We quickly picked up some food to prepare for supper and breakfast then scooted out to our beach to set up camp.

As we sat under the starry sky with breezes off the Gulf of California we shared a toast: Viva Mexico!!

Collage San Carlos

* Mexico does not want any vehicle to be left in their country at the end of your stay, and ‘rebuilt’ implies to them a less-than-reliable vehicle. If you know our van, there really is no risk of that; it is in great condition. The reason for the Rebuilt status is because our van (before we owned it) had had the rear end damaged and it was cheaper for it to be written off than for insurance to pay for the labor to fix it.

View from Our Kitchen:view

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