Madera Canyon


We’ve stayed her 2 times before but always left early the next morning without exploration. But this time the family has been here about a week and half while waiting for my return, and we’ve stayed a few nights to enjoy being together again before the challenges of travel and the border.

So here’s a bit of a tour of this camp.

Collage Green Valley

It’s snug around the tents and the van is literally crammed up against a tree and tucked just off the road. Once we are past the tents space opens up to a view of the Green Valley below.   Laars has been collecting everything from spent bullets and rocks, and ants (various kinds to pit against each other to see which were the strongest. Thin, small black ones were stronger than the bigger red ants, or so were his observations). He created a Statue of Liberty!

Collage Gr Valley

Early mornings and dark nights find the temperatures drop here in the desert. Early mornings are nippy cold, and people go to ‘the patio’ to watch the sun spread across the valley floor.  Danaka has been reading aloud “The Ranger’s Apprentice” series.

Days find some of the kids & Everette cycling up to the campground.  If we are driving to town or into Tucson then kids cycle down to the valley where we collect them and pack up the bikes.

At night we don toques and jackets and sit around the campfire and gaze up to the moon, identify constellations. Crickets chirp in the night sky. Lizards hop between heated rocks around the fireplace.

I snuggle into Everette’s arms…. We dream…..We are Home.

View From the Kitchen:

Reading Room viewed from kitchen

The Reading Room on the Patio

3 thoughts on “Madera Canyon

  1. We’ve stayed at Madera Canyon,both where we think you must be, and up above once at the little,steep CG. We are camped in the trees,right behind the big tree where Fernando,the grocery man,came on Sunday’s when you were staying under your big tree.The recent hurricane seems to have sent salt spray all the way up to your old tree and nearly killed it. It was hot for a week when we arrived,now 10 degrees cooler,and yet the ocean is toasty for swimming. Best to you all’s—- Tim ‘n Ann

    Cortez, Colorado 81321


    • Glad you made it safely to LF. Sad about the tree. Is there still debris around from the hurricane? We are settled near Chapala now, though posts will come later 😉 Beautiful weather here. Heard thunder rolling yesterday but nothing more than a spit of rain. Pool too cold for the Mexicans but Laars was in twice yesterday, the other kids just once. In the low 20’s here: Perfecto!!

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