Happy Tears

The month is over.

The longest I’ve ever been away from my large family.

Of course, I was still with 3 of my kids (Rauchelle, Mitchell and Maret), but it seems more difficult to be away from the younger ones since they tend to be the most ‘needy’… although they and their dad are more than capable to get along without me. And this month proved it.

I admit, I thouroughly enjoyed the break. I could go for a coffee and not have my littles to share with. Only 3 hands in the bag of potato chips vs 7. Breakfast made for me rather than the other way around. Nobody knocking on the bathroom door (Marin only did it twice in a whole month!!) needing Mom.

As Mitchell and I drove away from Rauchelle (& her family) and Maret, leaving Portland, OR for Vancouver, BC, we were both crying. I said the alternative would be that we wouldn’t care anything about our family members so then it would make the leaving much easier; even a relief. However, if family didn’t matter then we wouldn’t have even been visiting for 5 weeks in the first place!!

No alternative. Our family IS very important to us. We LOVE spending time together, being in each others’ presence….presence is a present.

Not surprising that my Welcome Back was precious, too. So when Gaelyn ran into my arms at the airport, I could feel her release into her own tears, overcome with the emotions that Mommy was finally ‘Home’.

Feeling Good, I am.

K & G

2 thoughts on “Happy Tears

  1. And no matter how much we love our families, we still need a break from them from time to time, some “time for me” care, which is not selfish, but vital, because if we aren’t happy, healthy and whole, then our loved ones won’t be, either. Being a caregiver can be exhausting and even the most powerful batteries have to recharged, hopefully before they’re completely drained and dead! It’s a balancing act, trying to be sure everyone’s needs are met, but we can’t exhaust ourselves in the process. I’ve had to learn this many times unfortunately, trying to be independent and self-sufficient, the epitome of an American citizen, but that’s not how it works in the Kingdom, and I am nothing, can accomplish nothing without God, with Whom ALL things are possible!!!

    • Pat, yes it’s always a challenge to balance life as a care giver. You have amples of practise at that!!

      I agree, that Independence is not what we are created to be. I believe in Interdependency (as a family, people, nation, world).

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