Back to Cortez

Everette has taken five of the kids and headed out* to Colorado so Danaka could reconnect with her friend MB in Olathe, and they could revisit our friends in Cortez where we spent our entire Summer of 2013.  The house is built and moved into, the wood stove chases away cold nights and crisp mornings, and the ‘toys’ are out.Collage smith house

Everette says he spends most mornings down at the library with the kids getting some internet time, then takes them to the BMX track to burn off some energy.  Each day goes by, the kids reworking on the forts they left behind, and talking up storms with Ann.Collage smiths

Smith’s have kindly passed 4 bikes on to the Johnson’s so Everette got himself a bike rack for the van.  The newest look for Reggie.

No kayak or surfboards at this time.  But now carrying 4 bikes.

No kayak or surfboards at this time. But now carrying 4 bikes.

*so the Burke house is a bit quieter for the upcoming birth of Skittles.  I have stayed behind to help out where I can and share in this precious experience of Life (I was blessed to have been at Marin’s birth 2 years ago….in our bedroom!!  How cool is that?) Maret is staying on for a few more months to be a sort of Nanny for her big sister, and Mitchell is here temporarily until he figures out his next move in Growing Up!

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