Gaelyn’s Along-Time-Ago View of Her Family

(Repost) I just came across this picture from over 4 years ago.  I don’t actually remember when Gaelyn drew it, but at least 2010 or before.

Why do some of us have teeth, and the rest don’t?
Does she really see as all as happy people?
Does Mommy really have rosy cheeks like she portrays?
Believe me, we all wear clothes in real life!

2 thoughts on “Gaelyn’s Along-Time-Ago View of Her Family

  1. >Well, being one of the ones without teeth, I'm glad my mouth is closed! And I counted, just to make sure she still thinks I'm part of the family. Don't want her getting any crazy ideas that I'm not just because I live on the other side of the country!

  2. >You are in her heart, Layne. Always a part of the family! Next, once she gets to know Micah, I'm sure he'll be in the pic too. Where exactly he'll be placed, I don't know. Maybe at the head of the line as he's the tallest???!!!! Or at the end, cuz he's come last? Time will tell.

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