Homeschooling Nature Event

I used to take our older girls to a Not Going Back To School Party in the park in September….well, some years we did.  The rest of the years I was probably too tired to bother packing up the ton of kids to waddle my pregnant self to the park where I would vaguely recognize a few faces.

This year I decided to join the WOW (I don’t recall what it stands for) Event put on by the school at which my children are enrolled and/or registered, even though we were heading out on another traveling adventure soon.  Doesn’t hurt to meet a few new people and show yourself friendly, right?

We met other homeschooling families at the Nature House at Rathtrevor Beach and had ourselves a nature guide who engaged the children in learning about the moon/sun pull on Earth’s waters causing tide changes.

Earth in the middle with tides bulging

Earth in the middle with tides bulging

Then we meandered down to the beach where we investigated some tidal pools, and the guide talked about adaptations for creatures  who live in this always-changing spot, in and out of salt water.

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