Headless in Port Angeles & Going “HOME”

I grew up in Vancouver and we took many family road trips to California and Arizona.  I-5 hwy was just a given.  But living on Vancouver Island means we have different options….but planning ahead to make those options viable can be a nemesis for people who live Life on the Whim (re: summer traffic means reservations would be recommended but snooze-ya-loose, or in our situation if you didn’t plan to go until a day or so ahead the limited reservation spots are already taken!)

We attempted to head south via Black Ball Ferry but being in line by 8:45am and being told we would be on stand-by for the 3pm ferry sent us off to Sidney for a BC Ferry and that regular I-5 highway.map

But heading north….we were prepared.  We booked a reservation and headed out early from Portland to be sure we didn’t miss it.bay

We leisurely made our way up the Olympic Peninsula, unbeknownst to us the simple but thrilling event that awaited us.  A simple red mark on the map stated Mt Walker View Point.  We took the 4 mile dirt road up and up, figuring we’d take a peek, a leak, and a quick lunch break for ourselves.  But it turned into a fun lunch break for different 2-legged creatures.


We made it to Port Angeles with plenty of time to spare, so while the children chose to stay in the van Everette and snuck out for hot drinks and a stroll around town in search of snacks for the ferry crossing.Collage Port Angeles Collage headless

We loaded onto the Black Ball Coho ferry, surprised by the arrangement of autos.

Jumble of vehicles in front of us.

Jumble of vehicles in front of us.  This is looking out our front window, the exit is to the right.

The crossing was rough, which I surmise is common on this crossing of the strait.  The children enjoyed the wind, and tummies felt better in the fresh air.  windyThe approach into Victoria’s inner harbour was beautiful as the evening sun prepared to set.  But by then….my camera battery was dead and you weren’t allowed down to the car deck until the journey’s end.  No option than to burn the view into memory, unable to share with you.  Such is life.

One thought on “Headless in Port Angeles & Going “HOME”

  1. We enjoyed two summers in PA so I looked at these photos with much interest. God willing and the world is still rocking along we want to take the ferry up to Juneau next summer and spend 4 months at a Christian camp north of Auke Bay. With no vehicle, we want to stay at some of the stops along the way until the next ferry comes.

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