Somebody is TWO!

It’s a long distance between their place and our current-hang-out but when somebody called Niece/Granddaughter is turning TWO then we all jumped in the van and made the journey to celebrate with her and her family.Collage M cake

She wasn’t thrilled with our singing “Happy Birthday” to her, maybe because we were all off key; maybe because we were all staring at her?  We cut the song short, quickly taking attention off of her and she seemed to ease into this celebration of her life.

Nestled in the lily pad is a Gluten-free cupcake, scrumptiously made by the beautiful Rauchelle and devoured by the equally beautiful birthday girl, Marin.

Gifts were opened and Marin gleefully threw things….gift bags at Mitchell, a squishy to the backyard, a plastic pouch amongst the crowd.  The panties all thrown out, she decided it was time to wear them so Marin started to put them on, one over the other.  Maybe she couldn’t decide which were her favourite Hello Kitty.

Collage party


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