Week in Review 24/8/14

Brian SchindelLast Sunday we were visited by my eldest brother, and after a beautiful ferry ride we find ourselves in Portland, OR.  We had to come see our daughter’s baby bump before she pops in October, and synced it to celebrate Marin’s second birthday.  (Celebration yet to come.  Stay tuned.  She’s gorgeous!)

Everette with one of Seth's many cargo bikes

Everette with one of Seth’s many cargo bikes

A bike-friendly city finds us cycling for our morning coffees where we go to get internet service.  We go for frequent walks with our darling Marin who picks the route, whether its one block or multiple.  Longer walks for bigger people.

By sheer numbers we turn the Burke house on end. Three occupants swells to an even dozen.  Furniture moves and increases.  Endless grocery shopping/food prep/dishes. Arts galore.  Creativity rules.

Marin is thrilled to have all these dotting aunts and uncles plus Grandma/pa.  Already the parents are talking about the withdrawal Marin will suffer with next week when we head back north.  But for now, we all enjoy the change of pace and the deepening of relationships.  Her parents sometimes are brushed aside in favour of time with another little-but-bigger one.  Mitchell can bribe Marin into wearing clothes and shoes and going for a walk when all she had said to her daddy was a repetitive NO!

She’s familiar with us again.  Each time we come to visit we have to slowly work our way into her heart.  And before we know it, we’ll be gone again and have to repeat all of this come October.

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