Amazing How Far $20 Can Go

Portland is famous for recycling, reusing, repurposing and…FREE stuff placed curb side for the taking.

We cycled with Seth to the coffee shop for internet and Seth’s got radar out, scoping every yard and empty lot for free piles of stuff he might use in their house, or create art with, or take into Next Adventure where they sell good quality sports gear.

We saw a bread machine (almost a dime a dozen now) but we are all drastically cut back/out grains of all kinds so although Everette was tempted for a moment (bread is his weakness) it remained on the owners lawn.

But when we cycled back up to the house Seth spotted a bright red couch on a neighbours front lawn.  For Sale $30.

Amy had bought it brand new for about $600.  She loved it but her husband found it too hard so out it went.

It flips open into a bed, and has 2 large storage boxes below.  Brand spanking new!!  WHAT A FIND!!

Asking $100 on Craigslist people kept telling Amy that they would take it but never showed up.  She just wanted it gone so she pulled it out to the street.

Seth mentioned it to us while we were on the patio eating supper.  He was considering going over and buying it…he didn’t move.  Everette, on the other hand, snuck out and made a deal with Amy.  All he had was $20US on him; would she take it?  Yup, she just simply wanted it gone!  TWENTY BUCKS that’s it.

Seth was excited.  Dolly brought it home and the kids and I quickly helped rearrange the living room to make space so the couch had a prominent spot.DSCF1044

Half an hour later Rauchelle returned from work.  She walked in the back door and peripherally thought there was a big draping of red fabric over a chair in the living room.  Once she realized it was a couch she squealed with excitement.

She thought it was free or cheap because that’s the way they shop, but Seth said we had gone out shopping and that it was a gift from her parents from IKEA.  She was so bubbling over with joy for the colour, for the extra seating, for the beautiful gift.  He went on about it costing $600, how much we loved her, blah blah blah…and then Maret came in and said, “They paid only $20!”

I think that actually brought relief to Rauchelle.  That her dad didn’t actually spend $600 for it when he’s busy providing for the rest of the family that still ‘lives at home’.

She knows she’s loved.  She doesn’t need money spent on her to prove it.

So, Everette returned to Amy’s house to Blitz her with an It Works card and she was so grateful.  Then a few minutes later she came over to Burkes to give a bag of produce!  How generous is that!

$20 = brand new couch + 4 cucumbers + 4 squash. 


3 thoughts on “Amazing How Far $20 Can Go

  1. Love it, what a find. I even love the colour. It is so cool to have things in a house that have a story to them, so much nice than we bought it at the store.

    • The colour adds spunk to their living room….not that it doesn’t have enough spunk already with all the art Seth collects/makes. And I thought Rauchelle was artistic!!

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