Roles Flip

I was gone a whole week….a sudden and unexpected week.

One day you’re just doing your family thing and then suddenly you realize maybe you are needed more somewhere else for the time being.DSCF1205

My mom was having some medical tests done because upon arriving home mid-July from 3 weeks on the prairies she wasn’t feeling well.  When after 2 weeks of “not quite right in the head” (her own description, not mine!) she decided to have it checked out.  Nothing noted as unusual; everything appears clear.

With humour still intact she phoned the doctor’s office for the results of the ECG. The receptionist said, “You’re as healthy as a horse!” to which my mother responded, “That’s what they told my husband, and 2 months later he dropped dead!”  True story.  No further comment.

For additional reasons, mom has decided it’s time to move from her condo that she has called Home for 13 years.  And so I helped her declutter, and prep for the big move.  I’m glad I’m “local” for this transition in Mom’s life.  Before we travel some more we’ll get Mom settled in her new place.  She’ll start making friends in her new neighbourhood and start the New Chapter in her life.

This will be Mom's new kitchen

This will be Mom’s new kitchen

The whole parenting role has flipped.  Once, the older took care of the younger….then we seemed on similar ground for a while….and now the younger takes care of the older.  Time moves on.  The cycle repeats.


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