Updates and Week in Review 3/8/14

Toveli on Chek 6 News

Toveli on Chek 6 News

Did you get a glimpse of Toveli on Chek 6 News last weekend?  The free advertising brought new people to the hobby farm for which all of us were stoked.  Last Sunday was an awesome day, and many people said they had heard about the farm from that news clip.  If you didn’t see it you can still watch it.  Besides the comment from Tov you can spot Danaka off in the distance in a few spots, and the back side of Gaelyn!

After that, check out the front view of Gaelyn where she sports her new piercings.

Summer is certainly upon us on Vancouver Island.  Great days at the hobby farm and evenings spent at the beach, Spider Lake or gigantic Parksville playground.  Even an evening at another farm catching up with friends we haven’t seen in years: Elwood’s.

End of the week found Everette and I plus our 3 youngest heading to the mainland to spend some time with my mom.  After a couple of nights I sent the family back without me and I’m here alone with mom.  We are in de-cluttering mode and have accomplished a heck of a lot.  Keeping bored children out from under foot helps us keep some sanity.

Mom has had her own motivation which is super, so I don’t have to do much other than keep her focused in one area at a time, i.e. the pantry before moving on to the linen closet.  Jumping around from object to object or room to room is exhausting and frustrating.

Small successes become satisfyingly HUGE!  One after another.

I do the packing up and re-organizing what remains.  So when the curio released a few ornaments I shuffled around what was left until it looked appealing.

Before she headed out for coffee earlier this evening Mom said she wanted “all the African stuff gotten rid of'”along with some other instructions about the entertainment centre.  I had to bring in a few things from other rooms to fill the gaping whole when Africa was taken out of the picture (Mom and Dad had lived in Kenya in the ’80’s and had plenty of stuff from there). Upon her return I heard, “Wow!  That looks really good.”  So I think we’ve got success.

Besides, I haven’t upset her drawerful of jewelry. Not too much, anyways: we’re still on talking terms.

She says she’s proud of what she’s done, and rightly so.  Good job, Mom!!

PS Early in the week Anders helped me update the page that highlights this handsome young fellow.  Be sure to check it out.

Anders at the playground

Anders at the playground

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