Updates and Week in Review 27/07/14

I feel lost when I don’t have a camera.  I don’t journal as I go through my weeks; I just take pictures and do a bunch of remembering when I flip through the photos.  So when I don’t have my photos to rely on I don’t recall what the heck we did that week.  It’s terrible.  And I’m not even 50 yet!!

So what did we do this week?  Well, looks like nothing between my dragging an old post-in-the-works out of the  Draft pile (to remind me of the things I don’t miss of the culture I grew up in) and the end of the week when Toveli discovered the camera that had been ‘lost’ for 2 weeks.

Maret and I were drawing on tables, and…..and nothing else chronicled this week.  Boring.

Well, that gave me time to upload a few new pictures to Maret’s page as she’s no longer that tween girl.  She answered some questions about her summer and her opinion about this traveling thing!  She’s totally come into her own as we see with her varied hair styles & cuts. She does what she likes, not concerned with what the fashion is.  She wants what it is she wants…plain and simple.  Go for it, Maret!

Photo by Maret

Photo by Maret


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