Things I Don’t Miss

I found this in my draft box….an idea for a post from days long past when we were camped on the Baja in Mexico two winters ago.

It makes me wonder why we tend to do so many of the things we do.  Is it because we really want to, or is it because it’s expected of us?


Expectations: yard work; housework; visiting family because its been so long; certain behaviour for the holidays i.e. decorations, gifts, meals.   Everette mentioned the other day how, if he was in Canada he would have washed his van LONG before now.  But here on the Baja it just isn’t a consideration.  Who really cares, anyways?  Nobody is expecting your vehicle to be clean.

Housework: seemed endless

Paying Bills: There was always stress as to where the money would come from to pay our bills each month.  Now we pay cash for everything, and very little overhead.

Higher Cost of Living: No housing expenses.  Little for gas unless we are traveling.  We live on 1/3 to 1/2 of what we lived on in Canada and are enjoying life more.  This is connected with Expectations, where wardrobes aren’t replenished because of changing styles, not even so much for changing seasons.

Grey skies with rain and cooler temperatures.

Toveli's picture

Toveli’s picture

We’re back here in Canada with the higher cost of living and the higher expectations.  We are enjoying it for what it is, for what comforts it provides (hot running water, bath tubs, etc) and trying to shake off the unnecessary expenses and expectations that don’t serve us well.

We are taking time to re-evaluate where our focus needs to be, where we should be spending our time & energy, focusing on building our business and dreaming/planning our next adventure.

Thinking of things we don’t want to miss.

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